Fix Openload or olpair Kodi stream authorization error with 3 easy steps

If you are using kodi for a while then you might have come across some annoying popups while streaming your favorite contents. You may see some error messages in those pop-ups. And this error is called stream authorization error. And these errors are so common in kodi and it has a simple solution too. You can see this error while streaming the latest movies or TV shows. This error is a kind of human verification. And there are lots of such errors. Depending on the provider you are accessing, the name change. If you are planning to stream the contents from the openload server, then you will receive olpair kodi error or openload Pair Kodi error. In other cases, if you are streaming the contents from server, then you will receive Tvad Kodi error or kodi error.

olpair kodi fix

All of these errors comes under the stream authorization kodi error. And the following method will work for all of these errors. Since olpair kodi is mostly faced among all these errors. We had planned to make an exclusive site for this particular error. There are three methods available to fix this error. You can follow any of these methods to fix the olpair kodi error. Before discussing the solutions, let’s brush up some basic concepts for the better understanding of this methods.

What are the Kodi Streaming Service Providers?

Have you ever thought from where kodi can stream all these contents? All the contents are hosted in offshore servers located at the unknown locations. Only the person who uploads the contents has the full access to these contents. Some of these providers are openload and and few more. There are of devices accessing those contents. The traffic to these servers is so high that, it often leads to server failure.

Lot of people like us, software, other streaming sites. bots and few more crawlers access these hosting every millisecond. Some of the black hat hackers even generate fake traffic to shut down the server. These are some of the realtime problem faced by the hosting service providers. To prevent the server from the overload, they have a validation system. This system allows you to access the content of the server only if you are human.

The next question might be, how the system finds whether it’s human or not? This is where the captcha comes into the play. Since a bot or a software can’t solve a captcha, this is the only way to find that you are a human or not. So when accessing these servers you need to solve the captcha to access the content. If you are accessing these servers from a browser, you will be redirected to the captcha solving page.

What if you are accessing these servers from a software? where it will redirect you? yep, this explains the stream authorization error we are facing. Since we are accessing these servers from the kodi software, there is no option for redirecting. So it is showing an error message.

So it is asking us to go to the particular site and verify our IP. According to the server, it identifies a node with its IP address. So you need to manually verify or whitelist your IP. The pop up is not an error actually. It is asking the user to verify the IP address because it can’t access the particular site.

How to fix olpair or openload pair Kodi error?

By now you have a considerable knowledge of how this error occurs. Now if you think in a logical way you can easily find a solution to this problem. The main reason for the problem is because the IP is not authorized. So by authorizing your IP, you can solve the issue. And if you think a little deeper there is a permanent solution for this.

Since you are accessing a server with captcha, you need to authorize your IP. What if you are removing these servers from your list or simply adding those servers to the block list. So that, all the available server are free from verification. And you can stream any of the content in a single click. Sounds great right?!

Well, these two are the possible solution to the olpair kodi error or to any stream authorization error. You can do these in three methods. We had made a step by step tutorial to make this happen. So follow the below steps to authorize your IP and stream all the content in a single click.

Method 1: Fix Olpair Kodi error by authorizing your IP

Assuming you are accessing any open load server, you will be faced with a stream authorization error message stating that ” TO PLAY THIS VIDEO AUTHORIZATION IS REQUIRED. VISIT THE LINK TO AUTHORIZE THE DEVICE ON YOUR NETWORK AND CLICK PAIR”

olpair kodi fix

Actually, it’s not an error, its an instruction. Since kodi can’t access the site, it is asking the user to visit the site and authorize the IP by clicking on “pair” at the specified site. So follow the below steps to do so.

  1. Connect any device with a browser to the same network as the kodi. So that that both the device has the same base IP address.
  2. Now go to or any site provided in the pop-up.
  3. Your IP address will be shown.
    olpair kodi fix
  4. Select I’m not a robot checkbox and complete the captcha.
  5. Select the pair button. Sometimes it’s below the ads.
  6. Now you will receive a message stating that “pairing is successful”

Thus your IP address has been authorized to access the contents from the server. Now open your kodi and start streaming. You can stream all the contents from the open load server.

Note: Since they are providing this service at a free of cost, there is a time limit for each IP address. Each unique IP can stream the content for 4 hours per day. 

Is this method safe?

To be frank, this method is not so safe. Here in this method, you are sharing your IP address with the streaming service provider. Since they are providing the service at free of cost, they might use that data to gain some money. And sharing your IP address with the third party service provider is not suggestive. So we highly recommend you to use a VPN. A VPN like IPVansih will mask your original IP and share the fake IP with the other site.

Using a VPN two advantages. First, it shares a fake IP with the streaming service provider, so your online activity is safe and anonymous. Secondly, A VPN has multiple IP addresses. Openload provides only 4 hours for free streaming per IP address. By using a VPN, you can change your IP address every 4 hours and enjoy unlimited streaming.

We are personally using this method. Since this method is comparatively easy. And it doesn’t have any restrictions over the crawlers and scrappers. So that maximum number of links can be fetched. And the probability of finding the working link is higher in this method.

Method 2: Disabling hosters with captcha to remove olpair kodi error

As we already discussed, the second method is all about removing sites with stream authorization. You can do this in two ways. If you are having less than five addons, you can individually configure each addon to remove stream authorization. So make sure to follow this method, only if you have less than five addons.

The sites which are providing hosting services are called hosting sites or hosters. So you need to disable the hosters with captcha option to remove the sites with stream authorization. And you need yo this steps for each and every addon. Follow the below steps to disable hosters with captcha option.

  1. Right click on the addon for which you need to disable hosters with captcha. Now select settings from the menu.
  2. Now select Playback in the left pane. And by default hosters with captcha option is enabled. Select it again to disable it.
  3. Now make sure the option is disabled and select Ok to save changes.

Well, these are the steps to disable hosters with captcha option. You can use the same steps with most of the video/movie addons. But you need to do this every addon separately. And this only works if the playback setting is accessible to the user. And some addons have the playback setting hidden. So this method won’t work with that addon. Don’t worry, we got a much more advanced method to solve this issue. Follow the next method.

Method 3: Fix Olpair Kodi error by configuring URL Resolver

In the previous method we are configuring addons to remove stream verification, so that may work depends on the addon. But in this method, we will be configuring kodi to remove all the hosters with captcha. And moreover its a one time process. You don’t need to do this for each and every addons. If you are using kodi for a while, We are pretty sure you might know about URL RESOLVER.

If you are not sure about it, let me say about it in a few words. URL Resolver is the backbone of Kodi. And it is the program which fetches links from the internet. And it is the single script which is responsible for the fame of kodi. Follow the below steps to remove olpair from the URL Resolver access list.

  1. Go to kodi home screen and select Settings > System settings.
  2. Since we will be configuring URL Resolver, change the mode to Expert mode.
  3. Now select addons from the left pane and select manage dependencies.
  4. From the list of available dependencies, select URL Resolver. Now select configure from the information window.
  5. Now select Open load server from the resolver list and disable it. The server is enabled by default. And all the servers are arranged in alphabetical order.
  6. Now make sure that the server is disabled and select Ok to save changes.
  7. That’s all you have configured your URL Resolver. Now restart your kodi and enjoy captcha free streaming.

In the same way, you can disable any of the hosters. This method will work on all versions of kodi. Thus finally reached the end. These are the three methods to fix olpair kodi error. And you can follow the same method to fix other errors like kodi error and kodi error. On a general note, you can fix any of the stream authorization with this method. In case if you face any issue or confused about any of the steps, do comment below. We will share a solution as soon as possible.